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 B&L Deli Catering

Prices subject to change without notice, depending on market price.

When you place an order you may have the option of using our Stainless Steal and Glass Chaffing Dishes, which include Sterno Canned Fuel.

You must bring back (by the next day) the complete chaffing dish set up which includes:

  •  (1) Bottom Stand
  •  (1) Water Pan
  •  (1) Food Pan
  • (1) Lid

All Chaffing Dishes MUST be returned CLEANED or a $10.00 fee will be attached.

If  you decide not to use our chaffers, all food will be put in disposable pans.

All Salads & Breads will be placed in Baskets, which must be returned.


We request that all functions are place at least 1 week prior to event if at all possible. 

Thank you.

All Caterings Must Be Paid in FULL Upon Pick Up.  (Unless prior arrangements have been made.)       

We Do Not Accept Credit or Debit Cards For Payment.

Cash or Local Checks (Cold Spring or Garrison) Are Accepted.

We Do Have An ATM Machine Available For Your Convenience